Oct 14, 2015 | | Edmonton, AB
Client’s rating: 5 of 5

I started a small consulting business when I retired and have been busy since then. For the first two years I didn’t file a return or submit a GST statement. There was no good reason just dumb. Well of course that doesn’t go unnoticed for long by the CRA and I got a letter asking for my returns. So I dug out all my receipts, invoices, statements etc. and started to wade through them. You know after a week I was no further ahead. I looked for some help and was driving down 50 street when I spotted the Padgett sign. When I got home I called Les and we met the next day. He listened to me said they could meet the deadlines for filing and introduced me to Rexie. Now I’m up to date. My year end is a month away and I’m not worried at all. I’ve got Rexie looking after me. I can look after my business and she looks after my books. It’s perfect. Thanks Les and Rexie

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