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I recommend you see him for all your accounting and tax …

I had some issues with my previous employer and corporate client. Some forms were issued incorrectly causing problems with my taxes with Canada Revenue Agency. Les Grajkowski of Padgett Business Services provided the information to have the previous employer and corporate client correct their errors. Les contacted Canada Revenue Agency on my behalf to resolve the issues.
Everything has been resolved and I received my refund. I recommend you see him for all your accounting and tax needs.

DANIEL O'SHEA Edmonton , AB November 7, 2013

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We really appreciate the help.

Ken and I (Marge) want to thank you very much for all the work you did for us with the income tax charge of $xxxxx. We really appreciate the help. We also appreciate the work you do for our yearly income taxes. Thank you again.

Ken and Marge Edmonton , AB April 7, 2014

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Les and his team at Padgett are the best accounting team …

Les and his team at Padgett are the best accounting team that I've ever had. I very much lean on their expertise to handle both our business and our personal tax preparations, payroll and dividend preparations and submissions. Always responsive, and always updated on the latest in the tax world, Les and his team never cease to impress. Les is a wealth of knowledge in payroll, accounting, and tax planning. What exceeds my expectations is that he offers other services to make ensure that your business runs effectively. This makes the lives of small business owners easy.

I highly recommend them for anyone who is looking for efficient, professional expertise and delivery, for a reasonable price.

Catherine Lam Edmonton , AB April 16, 2014

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Les is Amazing!

Les helped us with our tax return and showed us how we were filing
our taxes incorrectly (especially in regards to how we were not
properly claiming our expenses associated with our severely disabled
daughter) for a number of years and he went back and readjusted
everything and we got a huge amount on our tax return. I really cannot
say enough about how incredibly awesome Les is!

Mark Wheller Edmonton , AB November 20, 2014

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Check out Les and his expertise…

My family and I have been getting our income taxes prepared by Les Grajkowski and his team at the Southeast Edmonton location for about 7 years now. We had an unusual circumstance one year and his knowledge in his field of personal taxes was valued. I have obtained information in the past on retirement planning as Les is also a Certified Financial Planner. Les has tremendous dedication I found he will bend over backwards to accommodate your needs. I find him to take pride in his work and he is very approachable. It is very comforting to know that each and every year, I drop off, pick up and I am done with the tax thing for another year. I highly recommend Les and the services that he provides at Padgett Business Services.

Sandy Edmonton , AB February 28, 2015

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We Use Padgett Every Year

Les really knows his stuff, he's a great guy, and his team works fast. I've been trusting Les and his great team at Padgett for years, and will continue to recommend them to everyone in need of experienced financial services.

Tyler & Natasha Edmonton , AB April 10, 2015

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Saved my butt

I started a small consulting business when I retired and have been busy since then. For the first two years I didn't file a return or submit a GST statement. There was no good reason just dumb. Well of course that doesn't go unnoticed for long by the CRA and I got a letter asking for my returns. So I dug out all my receipts, invoices, statements etc. and started to wade through them. You know after a week I was no further ahead. I looked for some help and was driving down 50 street when I spotted the Padgett sign. When I got home I called Les and we met the next day. He listened to me said they could meet the deadlines for filing and introduced me to Rexie. Now I'm up to date. My year end is a month away and I'm not worried at all. I've got Rexie looking after me. I can look after my business and she looks after my books. It's perfect. Thanks Les and Rexie

George Thomlison Consulting Ltd. Edmonton , AB October 14, 2015

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