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I have a Bsc. Degree in Electrical Engineering. I took numerous accounting and depreciation courses and passed the exam to earn the designation of a Certified Depreciation Professional. I took numerous courses and gained the required experience and passed the exam to earn the designation of a Certified Financial Planner. I have also completed numerous tax and insurance courses. Every year I complete the courses to meet the continuing education requirements of both the Alberta Insurance Council and the Financial Planning Standards Council.


I worked with Telus (formerly AGT) for 28 years. I worked in several engineering departments including Electrical Protection and Switching Standards. During my last 10 years in Telus I was in the accounting department doing depreciation studies. During this time I took several accounting courses and studied independently. I successfully passed the exam to become a Certified Depreciation Professional. In December of 2004 I successfully challenged the H and R Block tax exam and worked with them for the following tax season. In 2005 I passed the exam and completed the other requirements to become a Certified Financial Planner. In 2005 I joined Padgett Business Services. I did book keeping, accounting, personal tax returns, and corporate tax returns. In 2006 I bought the Padgett franchise for South East Edmonton and started working with my own clients.

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